Best Solana Gambling Sites

Best Solana Gambling Sites

Solana is a fourth-generation coin and one of the fastest crypto out there, which makes it perfect for casino players.


SOL has a host of advantages over gambling with other cryptos, and the best Solana gambling sites have plenty to offer, including top-of-the-range game lobbies, fresh design, generous bonuses, and, best of all, lightning-fast transactions and user-friendly limits.


If you’re looking for the best SOL gambling site and to learn the ins and outs of gambling with Solana, you’ve come to the right page. At Cryptocasinos247, we list the top crypto casinos and give you the know-how to secure the ultimate online gambling experience – let’s get started.

Updated at April 27, 2023
BC.Game Casino
BC.Game Casino
4.9 100% Crypto Tron
Kineko Casino
Kineko Casino
4.7 Solana Staking
Restricted Casino
Bitsler Casino
Bitsler Casino
4.6 100% Crypto
Solana Casinos on blockchain technology

Every online casino is different, and not all SOL gambling sites are as good as each other. The main aim when gambling online is to have fun and potentially win real money prizes. To do this, you need a secure gambling site with hundreds of games and software choices, great bonuses to keep you spinning, and banking procedures that mean you can deposit and get your winnings in a flash – Solana gambling provides all this and more.


As a more modern crypto launched in 2020, there are multiple benefits to playing at Solana Casinos. The number one reason is that it’s a decentralized coin using a new encryption method, a hybrid consensus model that uses a unique proof of history algorithm that makes transactions faster. Due to its innovative design, Solana can handle up to 710,000 transactions a second, making it one of the fastest cryptos on the market.

Solana is created to cover decentralization, security, and scalability without compromising on any aspect, solving what is commonly known as the blockchain trilemma (having to compromise on one of the three aspects, to improve the other two).


This makes Solana one of the top coins to gamble with. Plus, it’s not as expensive as other, more established cryptos making it cheaper to buy and play with.

Fiat vs Crypto

Players value speed when it comes to cashing out, and where Fiat fails due to long transaction times, crypto has solved this issue, processing requests in mere seconds. Comparatively, Fiat currencies have longer processing times, leaving players waiting between 24-7 days for cashouts.


Why is Fiat slower? The big difference between Fiat and Crypto is that Fiat is centralized and subject to legal checks. For example, at Fiat Casinos, the staff must process your withdrawal and then send the request to an intermediary, like a bank or ACH, to complete the transaction. The intermediary takes a cut or charges a fee for their service.

Crypto uses the blockchain network and users to confirm transactions (users who do this get half the transaction fee), running more like a co-op. With no centralized body completing the transactions, the network is decentralized, and transactions are confirmed in seconds or minutes.


Additionally, while Fiat Casinos are subject to Anti Money Laundering regulations (meaning you must show them a copy of your ID before withdrawing), crypto casinos are not subject to the same rules and offer anonymous transactions. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits provided by Solana gambling.

Decentralisation = Less restriction

Decentralized payments mean more privacy and fewer restrictions for both casinos and users. With no go-between taking a fee, Solana transactions are also much cheaper. Plus, there’s no faff with currency conversions or exchange rates.

Safety & Transaction speed

Solana gambling is safe because the network is protected. Your wallet also uses a security protocol. Market volatility is the only thing to be aware of when gambling with SOL. SOL is subject to market volatility, which means between your deposit and withdrawal, the price could fluctuate either way affecting the value.


Like all cryptos, Solana offers anonymity, so you can make your casino deposits and withdrawals without worrying about gambling transactions being linked to your accounts or statements. It’s also possible to opt for Solana gambling sites that allow you to sign up using only an email address; these offer complete privacy, as you’ll only share your wallet address when you make payments.

Fast payouts and greater limits

Solana uses a proof of stake/history algorithm, which processes hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, and means your casino deposits and withdrawals arrive in seconds. This low-consumption method is faster than other cryptos and saves energy, keeping transaction fees at rock bottom.

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Solana Casinos game lobby view

Solana Gambling Sites Reviews

The search is over if you’re looking for the best Solana gambling sites reviews and recommendations. At Cryptocasinos247, we create the top online reviews, dedicating hours of research and three experts to each review we create.


Our review process is in-depth. It starts with an initial impressions review of the site; then, we move on to playing the games, claiming bonuses, chatting with the support team, and cashing out using multiple devices and different internet environments. Testing casinos firsthand is what makes our Solana casino reviews legit and trustworthy.


While we’ve got your back in finding the best SOL gambling sites to have a top experience, there are some checks you should always undertake before gambling.

How to gamble with SOL – start with the basics:

  1. Compare Solana wallets You want a secure and easy-to-use mobile wallet. Compare your options till you find one you like. Our top recommendations for SOL are Atomic, Exodus, or Phantom Wallets.
  2. Pay attention to the SOL rate Before gambling with any cryptocurrency, ensure you know the rate and what’s happening in the market.
  3. Always check before depositing crypto to the gambling site Read the T&Cs and always do your due diligence before depositing at any gambling site.

A Short Guide To Crypto Gambling

Now you’re ready to pick a Solana gambling site. Follow this step-by-step Solana gambling guide to ensure you’ve everything in place.

1. See our list of Solana Gambling Sites

Our toplist of Solana Gambling sites provides the best SOL gambling experience, games, and bonuses. Choose the best options, and when you’ve found the perfect site, click the link and complete the registration process.

Solana Casinos and cryptocurrency coins

2. Choose and buy cryptocurrency

It’s time to buy some SOL, so head to an exchange or use the one linked to your wallet (see the next step) and buy SOL. You can buy SOLs using your debit/credit card or another online method. You should check out the market movements first, making sure it’s a good time to buy.

3. Set up your Solana wallet

A SOL wallet is where you’ll store your SOLs and make transactions to and from. Remember, security and ease of use are the most important factors when it comes down to picking a wallet. Once you’ve decided which wallet to use, register and move your SOL from the exchange.

4. Deposit Solana to the gambling site

It’s time to make your first SOL deposit and claim a welcome bonus. Head back to your casino of choice and click on the cashier. Select Solana, that you want the welcome bonus, and input your deposit amount. Go to your wallet and scan the payment details or copy the address. Make sure all the details are correct and process the transaction.

The deposit will arrive in your casino account in seconds, and you can start playing real money SOL casino games – that’s everything you need to know about how to gamble with Solana for beginners.

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How To Find The Best Solana Gambling Site?

Not every player wants to use casino reviews, and that’s fine. If you’re a more experienced player, keen to go it alone, and find a top SOL casino independently, here are our top Solana gambling guide tips to bear in mind.

Does the Crypto Gambling Site support your country?

Your first point of call is establishing, can you gamble with Solana in your country? Online casinos have their own rules, including where they accept players from. Some sites have restricted country lists. You can find out if you’re on the list via the help center or FAQs.


Is Solana gambling legal? We only recommend you gamble with Solana when gambling and cryptocurrency use is permitted in your location. In most cases, countries where gambling is illegal appear on casinos’ restricted lists.

Solana Gambling Site trustworthiness

When playing online with real money, you need to ensure you pick a secure and trustworthy casino to play at. Why? Because you only want to play fair games at sites that payout. Do some quick research on Google (or see if we review the operator) and find out what players and experts think of a Solana gambling site. Only play at sites with a good reputation.


You can also check the homepage footer for licensing details (not all crypto casinos are licensed, unlicensed sites offer complete anonymity, so they have benefits for some players) and the games lobby for reputable software providers (reputable software test their games for fairness).

Support team

Check if the casino speaks your native tongue or at least a language you know well. Solana gambling sites should offer multiple support channels, at least one of which is instant and one operated 24/7.

Transactions and fees

Check the transaction rules and fees, including the withdrawal timeframe at any SOL gambling site before you play. The top sites provide fee-free transactions, with cashouts in under 24 hours. Generally, this is much faster at Solana gambling sites, with most withdrawals received in minutes.

Offers, promotions, bonuses

SOL online casinos are competing for players. As bonuses lure most bettors to gamble, SOL Casinos offer top-of-the-line bonuses and promotions that can boost your bankroll from your first deposit. The best SOL gambling sites also offer ongoing bonuses encouraging you to keep playing at one casino.


Compare what bonuses casinos offer, from the welcome deal to ongoing bonuses and permanent promos like loyalty reward schemes or cashback bonuses, along with the terms and conditions.


Using Sol gambling guides for bonuses is particularly helpful, as they can help guide you not only to the biggest but also the best deals. The terms and conditions of a bonus are where you’ll find the rules of use; these can affect the worth of a bonus, so you need to be careful when making comparisons.

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Solana Casinos Pros and Cons

Should you consider gambling online using Solana?

Gambling with Solana is a great idea, and as one of the fastest cryptos on the market, you’ll never be left waiting for a casino cashout to arrive again. Plus, at the top sites, you’ll score great bonuses, play hundreds of fantastic real money games, and experience excellent service – what are you waiting for? It’s time to pick your next Solana Casino from our casino list!

Pros of using Solana on gambling sites

SOL network is able to handle 710,000 payments per second

Available at a growing number of top online casinos

Score big SOL welcome bonuses

Play thousands of games

Secure and anonymous transactions

Enjoy user-friendly limits

Low fees

Claim ongoing deals and play more

Up and coming coin – cheap to buy, good to win

Cons of using Solana on gambling sites

Some SOL gambling sites are not licensed

As a cryptocurrency, it’s subject to market volatility

Solana gambling sites FAQs

Are Solana gambling websites legal?

How long do Solana deposits take?

Can I Gamble completely anonymously with Solanas?

How long do Solana withdrawals take?

What cryptos should I consider for online gambling?