Best Casino Sites offering Hi-Lo

We know that Crypto casinos are a mixed bag. Although many may offer Bitcoin Hi-Lo games, not all of them are as good as others. However, when choosing your Crypto Hi-Lo casino, it is essential you play at one of the very best.


Here, we will not only look at the Bitcoin Hi-Lo casino game and how it works, but we will also look at the best casino sites that offer Hi-Lo games, the pros and cons of playing Hi-Lo and your very best strategies for winning Hi-Lo games online.

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History of Hi-Lo

Hi-Lo is a classic card game steeped in history. This game has been used on game shows – such as Play Your Cards Right, which was televised in the 1970s. It has also been used as a bonus feature game round in many casino games – slots and card games – where players have the chance to double or lose their money depending on whether they guess right or wrong.


Given its fame across the world and its simplicity, it is no wonder that it has been picked up by the crypto gambling industry and become one of the most popular blockchain-based Bitcoin games today.

. . .

Big wins playing Hi-Lo

Although it is an easy game to play, there are no simple ways to win the game. You can’t card count when playing online – as the game is played as if the cards are shuffled after every round. This means that you need to make the most logical and likely decisions.


Having said that, here are our top tips for winning big on the Hi-Lo casino game…

  • Understand the Rules Although the rules of Hi-Lo are simple, you need to know how they work in order to play the game properly and do well. So, make sure you read up on the rules first.
  • Practice For Free We would also recommend practising your Hi-Lo casino games for free on demo mode first. This will help you to become familiar with the gameplay and betting style with no risk to your money.
  • Stick to a Budget You need to make sure you stick to your budget. Obviously, to win big, the easiest way to do this is by betting big. However, if this means eating through your budget straight away then you may wish to build up your profits rather than just go for the one big win. You might also play with a casino bonus to maximise your playing time.
  • Remember that your payouts will vary They can change in Hi-Lo casino games from round to round. So, you will need to check the payout that is on offer before you choose whether to bet higher or lower.
  • Play at the Best Casino Make sure you only play at a safe and secure crypto Hi-Lo online casino that offers generous bonuses and promotions that you can use to play Bitcoin Hi-Lo.
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New crypto casino sites with Hi-Lo

If you opt to play at one of the newer Hi-Lo crypto casino sites, then it is essential that you make sure you choose the right one. Here are some of the criteria you should look for:


  • Safe and Secure Website If you play Hi-Lo with real money, then you have to have full confidence that you are playing on a safe and secure online site. You should never take the risk that you are playing at an online casino that isn’t trustworthy. Although cryptocurrencies are safe by nature and cannot be stolen unless you give away your private key and password, you still need to have trust in your casino. You do not want to play at a casino that could take your payment and winnings and not payout. As such, check that the casino is trusted and regulated within the crypto gambling industry.
  • Variety of Games You also need to check out the selection of games available at the casino. As well as having a selection of hi-lo casino games, they should also offer a selection of other games such as Bitcoin slots, Crash, Dice, Plinko and more. The more varied the selection of games, the better.
  • Generous Bonuses The best way to start playing casino Hi-Lo games is with a generous welcome bonus. You need to make sure that the welcome bonus allows you to play Hi-Lo and that it comes with fair terms and conditions attached.In addition, make sure that there are bonuses and loyalty programs etc for existing players so that you can get the best value for money throughout your time at the casino.
  • A Good Mobile Site Lots of people enjoy playing their favourite crypto casino games, such as Hi-Lo, on the go. As such, we would expect the best online casino Hi-Lo game sites to have a fully optimised mobile website. In addition, if they offer a dedicated mobile app, then even better.
  • Selection of Payment Options Ideally, the casino will be end-to-end crypto, to make it more smooth, and more seamless with no exchange fees needed. However, we also like to see a variety of cryptocurrencies accepted – not just the standard Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Ideally, they will also offer instant deposits and will not delay withdrawals.
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How to play Hi-Lo and win

The rules of Hi-Lo are incredibly simple. You just need to guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than the previous cards. If you are right, you win, if you are wrong, you lose. This makes it the perfect crypto game for new players – although the excitement of the game also attracts the more experienced casino players.

  1. The player places a wager on the table and the dealer deals a card face upwards.
  2. Then, the player will guess whether they think the next card dealt will be higher or lower than the one shown.
  3. Should the player guess correctly, they will win the payout as displayed. If they lose, then the wager is lost.
  4. The game then starts again.

Because of the nature of the game, there are no stable payouts – which means there isn’t a set payout table for the game. What you get will depend on the cards, So, for example, there will be a higher payout for predicting a card will be higher than 9 than predicting the card will be higher than 3.


This is the basics of the game, although some different variants will feature different betting options and payouts, so check your game rules first.

To get started:

  1. Pick your preferred online crypto Hi-Lo casino site.
  2. Look through the different games and pick your preferred one.
  3. Choose your stake
  4. Place your bet on higher or lower
  5. See if you have won.

It is a quick, easy and fun process.

In terms of the odds and payouts, as we stated, there are no fixed payouts. The payout for making a correct prediction will vary from round to round. Essentially, the higher the probability of being correct, the lower the winnings will be. If you have a card 6 or 7, then there is around a 50% chance of being correct (although you need to check whether A is high or low) but because there is an average house edge of 2.5, your chance of winning will be around 47.5%


Remember, the casino always has the edge!


There are a variety of hi-lo casino games available online and you will find yourself with a number of games to choose from. As well as the classic version, you might also find examples such as Hi-Lo Switch, where a player has the option to change the face-up card. Different games will have their own rules which can make a difference in whether you win or lose.

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Hi-Lo best strategies

Because the game is such a simple concept, there are not many great Hi-Lo betting strategies. To get the best chance of winning, you need to think logically. Although you may be tempted to make the bet with the highest odds and payouts, your chance of winning is much higher if you go for the outcome that is the most likely.


If you try a strategy such as the Martingale strategy or Reverse Martingale, then remember that this is meant for evens bets – so it isn’t always the best way to play Hi-Lo.


In order to do this, you will need to start with the lowest possible stake and double your wager each time you lose. When you win, you go back to your original stake. However, given that the odds change every time, it cannot be guaranteed that you will win back what you have lost.


Bear in mind, there is no betting strategy for Hi-Lo casino games that will guarantee you success or even coming out in profit. You may well find that you have eaten through your bankroll before the wins start coming in. This is why your main strategy should be to consider your budget carefully before playing.


You should also remember that you should never chase losses… when your budget is done, step away and wait for another time to continue playing.

. . .

What to know about Bitcoin Hi-Lo

The original game of Hi-Lo was played with a full deck of 52 cards and was known as Higher or Lower… due to your two choices. The game is played worldwide because it is so simple and fun, whether you choose to play for money or not.


The idea was adopted by casinos – and is often played as mini-gamble rounds on slot games. You would win on the slot game and then be given the option to double your money by choosing whether or not the card would be higher or lower than the one shown. And you can keep going until you lose.


So popular was this bonus game that it became its own game, was adopted by the crypto industry and we have Bitcoin Hi-Lo as it is today!

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Pros and cons of playing Hi-Lo with Bitcoin

Like most crypto games, there are a number of pros and cons associated with playing Bitcoin Hi-Lo:


Decentralization: Because you are playing the game with Bitcoin or crypto, you have complete control over your money. This means you can deposit as much as you like without having to be governed by a financial institution such as a bank.

Secure Transactions: As a crypto game, your financial information is completely safe and secure. No one can access any of your information, even if they manage to hack the casino. Crypto Hi-Lo is the most secure way to play the game.

Anonymous Gaming: The gambling industry is still frowned upon in many regions. Should banks see that you are spending money on a casino, this could affect your credit scores. Bitcoin and crypto Hi-Lo games are anonymous, which means that you can play as much as you like.

Fast Gameplay: It is the fastest way to play Hi-Lo from start to finish, Deposits are instant with Bitcoin, the games are on blockchain – which is known for speed and if you win, the payouts are instant.

Lower Fees: Cryptocurrencies have a lot lower transaction fees than fiat currencies. This means that if you manage to win, your withdrawals aren’t only quick, but there will be minimal fees attached. It is worth noting that cryptos do come with some fees (depending on the business of the network and the speed you require) but they are generally much lower than traditional fees.


Cryptocurrencies Are Volatile: The amount you bet and play could be worth half as much (or twice as much) the next day. Sometimes this can work in your favour, but you need to remember that your Hi-Lo winnings are only worth as much as the crypto coin on that day – unlike playing with fiat casinos where your win is always the same amount.

Crypto is Untraceable: This means that there are some Hi-Lo casinos that may not be reputable. Only ever play Hi-Lo casino games on a casino that has been tried and tested.

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