Best Casino Sites offering Plinko

There is no denying that cryptocurrency casinos are becoming more popular – as are the selection of bitcoin and blockchain-based games that are found on them.


These casinos not only offer a brand new way of paying for your games but also playing games that can’t be found at traditional fiat casinos… Bitcoin Plinko.


Here, we are going to look at how the Plinko casino game works, the best Plinko game casino sites, how to play it – and how to enjoy the best chance of winning. So, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Bitcoin Plinko.

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History of Plinko

Bitcoin Plinko is one of the most popular and exciting crypto games – where a player needs to drop a ball at the top of a shape (usually a pyramid) – and it falls through the pegs until it gets to the bottom and drops into a hole. There are different ‘holes’ all with different multipliers.


As a crypto game, it is a new game – but the idea of Plinko has been around for many years. The concept of the game came originally from Pachinko – the Japanese version of Plinko. However, the Western world was introduced to it in the 1980s when the TV show, The Price is Right, introduced it as a prize round.


It has now been adopted as a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency casino game – and it works very well on the newest blockchain.

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Big wins playing Plinko

The game is simple – and there are really only two ways to get those wins when playing Bitcoin Plinko – and winning big.


The first way is simply through diligence. You will need to keep making those bets and hoping the money starts growing slowly when playing a lower-risk Plinko game. However, if you want that big win then you simply need to risk big. You go all in and try only for the jackpot prize.


Ultimately, as is the case with all games, the bigger your risk the bigger your rewards will be. So, if you put in maximum stake and go for the jackpot – you have the potential to walk away with a fortune. However, you may prefer to build up to that win over time with lots of low-risk bets… pick the best way for your budget!

New crypto casino sites with Plinko

Knowing how to play the game is one thing – but you also need to know where to Play the Bitcoin Plinko casino game. Because crypto casinos are relatively new to the industry, not all of them are trusted and the newer ones should be assessed carefully before you play at them.


Here are some of the things you should check when choosing a new crypto casino site with the Plink casino games.

  • The Games Available Obviously, a good Plinko game online casino should have a selection of Bitcoin Plinko games. However, there should also be a selection of other top blockchain-based games such as Hi-Lo, Bitcoin Slots, Dice and more. The more available – and from top providers, the better.
  • Safety, Security and Reputation No matter how good their casino games are – and how good their bonuses and rewards are, you need to know that the site you are playing on is safe, secure and properly encrypted with an excellent industry reputation.
  • You need to make sure that the site has taken all measures to encrypt data and has been licensed You should also research it to make sure it has established a good reputation. Bitcoin and crypto is incredibly secure as a payment option – but you need to know that you are playing at a trusted crypto casino.
  • Payment Options The best way to play crypto games is at an end-to-end crypto site, which means you will be able to deposit in crypto, play in crypto and withdraw in crypto as this will mean no exchange fees. However, you also want to make sure that the casino accepts all different crypto coins. As well as offering Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, we expect it to offer many of the digital currencies out there… generally, the more coins they accept, the better it is.
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How to play Bitcoin Plinko and win

Playing Bitcoin Plink is very easy. It won’t take long to learn at all.

  1. Firstly, you need to place your wager depending on the Plinko casino game table limit.
  2. You then simply need to drop the ball or chip from the top of the triangular shaped pegs and wait for it to fall through the pegs and land at the bottom.
  3. It will then land in a slot and your win will be based on the multiplier attached to that slot. The further you get from the middle, the better your prize will be.

So, that is how you play Plinko – but how do you win? Ultimately, tips and strategies for winning at Plinko can help to change the trajectory of how your game is going. However, because Bitcoin casino – like most other casino games – is a game of luck, there is no definite way for you to win at the game.


The good news is that you can play smartly to give yourself the best chance of doing well.

Set a Budget

Just like all luck-based games, you cannot find any way to guarantee wins, so you need to look after your money. Your priority should be working out how to efficiently spend your budget so you can work up to profits and give yourself enough time to start winnings. You don’t want to eat through your bankroll in just a few rounds.


You might try the Plinko casino demo game first so you can try it out before you start playing with real funds.

Watch the Ball Fall

When you drop the ball (or chip), all you can do then is sit back and wait for it to drop and see where it ends up. Even if you don’t land the biggest prize, there are still smaller multipliers you can win.

Claim Your Winnings

No matter where the ball or chip lands, you will win a prize. However, how much you win will depend on where it lands. You can choose to either claim your prize and try another game or you can use the wins to make another bet and hope for the big rewards.

. . .

Bitcoin Plinko best strategies

As this is very much a game based on chance, there is no perfect strategy for winning at Bitcoin Plinko. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t helpful ways to maximise your chance of winning big prizes. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular strategies.

Place The Ball/Chip in the Centre

One of the best ways to try and ensure a decent win – despite the randomness of the game, is to put your ball or chip in the middle. This won’t guarantee that it lands in the centre, but it will increase your chance of the chip bouncing into a slot with a decent multiplier.


This strategy may not give you the biggest wins, but it should maximise your winnings over numerous betting rounds.

Dropping the Chip/Ball 3 or 4 Spaces from the Middle

Some players try to drop the ball/chip 3 or 4 spaces away from the centre. The idea behind this is that it will bounce around a lot and is highly unlikely to fall down in a straight line – as such, this will increase the chance of hitting the centre slot.

Consider Your Budget

This is a strategy that is often overlooked by many a player. You should always take your bankroll into consideration when you set up your Bitcoin Plinko strategy. After all, how long you can play (and thus your chance of winning) depends on how you work your bankroll.


You need to understand that you will lose money and your bankroll may ell drop – you just need to make sure it doesn’t eat it all up straight away.

Low Wagers and Limits

You can never guarantee a centre hit when you play – because of the pegs. Moreover, because it is a provably fair game, the outcome will be completely random – and the outcome of the game is decided before you even begin.


So, by playing low stakes and making sure that you set limits on your bankroll, you can start strategizing your gameplay – ensuring maximum game time with more chance of wins.

. . .

What to know about Bitcoin Plinko

There is an excellent assortment of Plink games available, depending on your chosen Bitcoin casino. They are easy to understand – because the game mechanics require you to simply drop the coin and see what you have won.


However, this then leads to the question – what is the point of playing the game?


Well, people are attracted to the fact that you won’t need any skills or strategies to win the game. This is great if you like simplicity – but if you like problem-solving and skill-based games, this may be a little boring after a while.

However, this can be a very exciting game to play and highly entertaining. Despite its simplicity, waiting for that chip to drop can be thrilling. Especially if it starts falling closer to the centre of the board… waiting to see if you land a big win can be pretty intoxicating.


Moreover, it can also make a player feel like they are part of a gameshow – as this game is used in more than one TV game show, including The Price is Right. In addition, although it’s a game of luck, when you find the best strategy, there’s a high chance of winning, even if it is just smaller amounts.

. . .

Pros and cons of playing Plinko with Bitcoin

There are all sorts of advantages to playing Bitcoin Plink games. Here are some of the most noteworthy…


The game is decentralized

Any crypto game played with cryptocurrency means it is decentralized. This means that no one can stop you from playing your own Bitcoin on casino games. You are the master of how much you play and when you play, with no one governing you.

It is completely secure

No one can access your payment information, unlike fiat casino transactions. Because you won’t need to enter personal or financial information to make a Bitcoin deposit, no one can hack into the account and take your personal details or bank details.

No chargebacks

Casinos prefer this method because once you have sent your deposit, the transaction cannot be reversed. This makes it less risky for them.


Because there is no personal information required to play and deposit at many crypto casinos, no one can track how much you have spent playing Plinko casino games… so it can’t affect your credit. However, it is completely transparent so people can see all transactions recorded on a public ledger.

Fast Transactions

This is especially the case with withdrawals. At a standard casino, withdrawals can take days to receive in your account. However, even at the busiest of times, withdrawing your Bitcoin Plink wins should take no more than an hour or two at a good Plinko casino.

Lower Transaction Fees

Because it is decentralized and there is no middleman, you won’t be charged for such intervention… i.e. bank fees. Although there will be fees based on how busy the blockchain network is and how fast you want the transaction to be, these fees are very minimal compared to those attached to fiat currency transfers.

May Avoid Taxes

There are several regions where casino winnings are taxed. However, because of the lack of regulations around Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, this may not be the case. Make sure you check your local laws and regulations on the taxation of Bitcoin Plinko wins.



Playing Plink casino games with Bitcoin can be volatile due to the nature of cryptocurrencies. The price can rise and fall excessively in just hours. This means that what you bet and win one day could have dropped in value excessively by the very next day.

Crypto Gambling is Still Progressing

Although Bitcoin has been around for years, games such as Bitcoin Plinko are still reasonably new. As more people start playing, there may be stability issues and problems encountered with upscaling.

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