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Dice games in casinos have been around for hundreds of years. However, the latest incarnation of this game genre is crypto dice – and punters are loving it.


Since the invention of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, more industries have embraced it and none more so than the online gambling industry. Alongside games such as Hi-Lo and Crash, one of the most popular blockchain games on many online sites is the dice casino game. It simply involves betting on the outcome of the roll of the dice.


The casino dice game is powered by a blockchain algorithm and involves guesswork and luck. Simply choose a number between 1 and 100 (sometimes higher) and place your bets such as whether the value of the dice rolled will be over or under that number.

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History of Dice

Dice goes back hundreds of years, to casinos in Europe. However, Bitcoin dice games are a much newer invention and have become the most popular blockchain-based crypto games in the industry. It was first invented by one of the original Bitcoin casinos, SatoshiDICE – and has caught on with the rest of the world.


This is a hugely innovative and exciting game – and there are thousands of different combinations you can bet on. Traditional dice games have just six numbers and aren’t played on blockchain technology. However, many of the principles are still the same and if you know how to play standard casino dice games, you will soon understand the concept of Bitcoin dice games.

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Big wins playing Dice

This is one of the very best crypto games out there – and it is very easy to play. The layout of the game is easy to understand and the rules are simple. What’s more, dice games are also known for having a low house edge – usually somewhere between 1% to 2%.


The bet is made, the dice are rolled and the wins can come in thick, fast and pretty big. The reason these wins can come in so big is because players can choose their winning percentage and possible reward – meaning you can place risky bets for big wins or safer bets for more modest wins. However, essentially you just pick a number, place your bet and wait for the dice to be rolled.


In order to hit big wins, there are several different strategies you might employ when playing a dice online casino game. Some are better suited to different players than others. However, all of them have their pros and cons – and we will look at the different dice games strategies later on.


Although there is no guaranteed way to win big when playing Bitcoin dice games, make sure you practise the games for free, choose a strategy and understand which bets give you the very best chance of winning.

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New crypto casino sites with Dice

As the crypto gambling industry grows, so does the number of crypto dice game online casino sites. The new ones are popping up quickly, but some are better than others. Which ones are the best depends on what you expect as a player, where you live, your financial situation etc.


There may be certain things you are looking for yourself – such as the chance to play Bitcoin slots and other types of games as well as just dice games. However, ultimately, you need to play on a trustworthy site that offers a good service. You can either choose one of our recommended dice casino sites or check out these different factors yourself:


Remember, you aren’t tied to just the one site as well – you can choose to play at as many dice game casino sites as you like, but make sure that any you do register and play at fulfil the following criteria:

1: Legit in Your Region: Although cryptocurrencies have no borders, some sites are not open to players from specific countries. So, one of the most important things to factor in is whether it accepts players from your region and whether you are legally allowed to gamble on the site.


Generally, a cryptocurrency dice game casino will have a list of who can and can’t play in their T&Cs. Make sure you read through this first and check that you can safely and legitimately enjoy your Bitcoin dice game.


2: Trustworthy and Reputable: Whether you are playing crypto games or traditional online casino games, you have to know that the site you are playing on is trustworthy and reputable. We have reviewed all of our recommended sites to ensure that this is the case.


If the casino you are looking at isn’t one we have recommended, then look to see if you can find any other reviews or recommendations from crypto casino players. This is the best way to see whether or not you believe the dice game casino site to be safe, transparent and honest. If you have any doubts at all, no matter how small, don’t risk it.


3: The selection of games: Obviously, you will want to have access to a variety of dice games when you play at your casino. However, the very best Bitcoin casinos and crypto sites will offer all different types of games as well.


You should expect to see options such as table games and card games, slots, poker, live casino games, other blockchain-based games such as Plinko and Crash etc – and even a sportsbook if you are lucky. There should be something to suit your every mood.

4: Payment options and withdrawals: When you play at a crypto casino, not only should you expect to be able to deposit and play with Bitcoin, but there should be many different cryptos to choose from – the more the better. Also, because the benefits of cryptocurrencies include fast transactions, low fees and no centralization, we expect the casino to offer speedy withdrawals with minimal fees and high (if any) withdrawal limits.


5: Bonuses and Promotions: The very best Bitcoin dice casino sites will offer a variety of bonuses and promotions – preferably with loyalty and VIP programs as well. They should offer weekly and/or monthly offers and contests, generous deposit bonuses (no deposit bonuses if possible) and rewards for completing specific tasks.


Each site will offer something a little different for players, so look at the promotions page to see which casinos have the best offers – and keep a special eye out for no-deposit bonuses. Remember to check that their terms and conditions are as good as the size of the bonuses as well.


6: Provably Fair System: You should never even entertain the idea of playing at a crypto dice games casino without checking out whether or not their games are provably fair. Provably fair casinos allow players to check that their dice game, run using blockchain technology, is completely fair and random.

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How to play Bitcoin Dice and win

So, first, we will look at how to play dice – and then we’ll look at how you get the best chance of winning…


Most Bitcoin dice games are played in a similar way no matter what casino you play at – and all follow a very simple and quick gaming model. Moreover, all work on a provably fair system so that you can check the result yourself!


Understanding the rules of Bitcoin dice is straightforward when you open up a game, you choose any number between 1 and 100 (although some sites go up higher). They then place a bet on whether they think the value of the rolled dice will be higher or lower. The value of the number you pick and the bet you make will determine your payout.


So, if you bet on a roll being under 80, then you will be paid out at the same odds as betting that it will be over 20. They have the same probability and the same odds. Most casinos have dice games that have a house edge of 1%… which is pretty great.


So, to start playing:

  1. Choose the number on which you will be betting – and predict whether you think the dice value will be over or under that number. The less chance you give yourself of predicting correctly, the higher the payout (i.e. betting it will be over 80 will pay out more than betting it will be over 50).
  2. Set your betting stake.
  3. Press roll.
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Dice best strategies

So, now you know how to play, which are the best strategies for dice games? Well, some players rely on watching the previous dice rolls and looking for patterns (i.e. if the previous 10 rolls were lower than 50, the chances are that it will be higher than 50 soon).


Some may also look for alternating patterns – such as over 50, under 50, over 50 etc. This pattern will soon come to an end. As such, this is basically a bet on when the alternating pattern ends.


We also have some standard casino games betting systems and strategies that are used by some:


1: The Martingale System: This originated back in 18th century France – and it involves a player aggressively increasing their stake (doubling), every time they lose. When they eventually win, this will recover all of your previous losses and a bit more on top. It might look like this:

  • Player place 10m฿ on over 50 and loses
  • The player then places a 20m฿ on over 50
  • If that loses as well, the player’s next bet will be 40m฿ on over 50


When they win, they go back to their original stake. This only works for over/under 50 as it needs to be on an evens bet.


2: The Reverse Martingale System: This is the opposite of the above. Players stake half their wins from a successful outcome on the next bet. This allows them to retain half of their winnings from a successful bet.


3: The D’Alembert Strategy: This is very easy – instead of a player doubling their bet after a loss, they simply increase it by one chip or unit.

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What to know about Bitcoin Dice

Crypto dice is set to be very popular – and the best new bitcoin sites are launching even more crypto dice games into the industry.


Most crypto experts have predicted that this will be one of the fastest-growing blockchain-based games out there. It is easy to learn, you have control over how much you bet and how much risk you take – and the possibilities are endless!

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Pros and cons of playing Dice with Bitcoin

The reason crypto dice has become so popular is because it is both straightforward and provably fair. However, as is the case with most casino games, there are pros and cons to playing Dice with crypto. Here are the main ones to consider:


Allows you to gamble anonymously: One of the biggest benefits of all cryptocurrency casino games is that you can play anonymously. As such, no one can track how often you play and how much you spend.

Provably Fair: As mentioned above, crypto dice games are all provably fair – which isn’t the case with standard casino dice games which rely on RNGs. This means you can check all the results for yourself!

Fast Transactions: Crypto dice games are played on crypto casinos… that offer fast deposits and fast withdrawals, which means you will get your winnings back quicker than playing dice with fiat currencies.

Easy game with low house edge: Not only is it easy to play but, like most crypto games, it has a lower house edge than most traditional fiat currency games.


Crypto games are unregulated: Although lack of centralization can also be an advantage in terms of freedom and speed, it also means that there is less regulation and you need to make sure you play at a fair and trusted site, such as the ones we have recommended.

May encounter fees which vary: Although crypto fees are very low, depending on what crypto you use and how busy the blockchain network is, your fees may vary. So, make sure you take this into account.

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